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"Silvina Ocampo is one of our best writers. Her stories have no equal in our literature." ––Jorge Luis Borges

"Forgotten Journey, her first published collection now in English, is superbly translated by Suzanne Jill Levine and Katie Lateef-Jan. Through these fantastical tales the narrator explores the life of young girls, their friendships, their inner solitudes, as well as the constant quest to understand the duality of life and the imagination. These stories transport you to a place that perhaps you have known in dreams. Now you can enter them through the lucid and fantastical world and words of Silvina Ocampo." —Marjorie Agosin, author of I Lived On Butterfly Hill


I am interested in multilingualism studies and translation pedagogy, and in 2018 I contributed a chapter on bilingual youth translators to Feeling It: Language, Race, and Affect in Latinx Youth Learning, edited by Mary Bucholtz, Dolores Inés Casillas, and Jin Sook Lee. As stated in the editors' introduction, "Lateef-Jan calls for the integration of the full range of youth translation practices in schools and classrooms as a way of validating and nurturing the expertise of bilingual youth."


In 2018, I co-edited Untranslatability Goes Global with Suzanne Jill Levine. "Untranslatability Goes Global is a useful, informative, and insightful volume that brings together recent debates surrounding the widely discussed, oftentimes controversial concept of untranslatability and its implications in today's world. The book examines the interplay between translation as a creative praxis and its place within the local and global while promoting interdisciplinary dialogue. The title has been included in the specialized series Routledge Advances in Translation Studies, joining a prestigious group of metacritical scholarly works. It appears at a time when interest in this topic is particularly high." —Tamara Cabrera, writing in Translation Review, Issue 101, No. 1


For Granta 136: Legacies of Love (Summer 2016), I co-translated with Suzanne Jill Levine one of Silvina Ocampo's previously untranslated stories from Forgotten Journey, the haunting and exquisite "La calle Sarandí."

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